Friday, September 12, 2008

Business Mathematics for UiTM

Subject; Business Mathematics

Lau Too Kya
Phang Yook Ngor
Wee Kok Kiang

Business Mathematics for UiTM is especially written to cater to the needs of the first and second year students in UiTM.

This book contains eleven chapters and is written for easy understanding and appreciation of the subject. Concepts and theories are introduced in a simple and concise manner. Suitable work examples and diagrams are provided to facilitate understanding of the concepts and theories required. They are supported by well-designed exercises that will enhance the students analytical and thingking skills.

Each chapter ends with a summary to help students to recall what they have learned in the chapter and it consists of key points and keywords. Focus on exam consists of examinatin type questions with solutions, and are given at the end of each chapter. It purpose is to familiarise students with the examination format as well as the type of questions asked in the final examinations.

At the end of each chapter, Review Questions and exercise are also provided. Answer to the ecercises appear at the end of the book and solutions of some of the more challenging problems.

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